Himalaya Mourning Tourmaline 4.98 carat

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Gem ID#:55
Origin:Himalaya Mine, California
Weight:4.98 carat
Size:9.9 x 8.1 mm
ClarityVvs2 eye clean
Cut:Modified emerald cut
Color:Gray secondary Blue
Note:This gem was cut by Dr. Grey Weaver and was from His rough. This along with a few others were from the Himalaya tourmaline mine in California. This one we call the mourning gem as it is so dark grey-blue it almost looks black but it is not. Neat gem for that old style of memorial piece of jewelry and from a famous mine as well. No treatment in any way.

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Himalaya Mourning Tourmaline 4.98 caratHimalaya Mourning Tourmaline 4.98 caratHimalaya Mourning Tourmaline 4.98 carat